Strong Foundations in Reading and Spelling - Book 1


Hard at work ...This CD contains activity sheets and resources for students ages 4 to 7 (Kindy –Year 1).

The worksheets follow a hierarchy, starting with upper case-lower case letter matching and syllable identification and isolation and then finally to short vowel sounds and trickier sounds such as ‘sh’ and ‘ch’.

Each worksheet has a note to the speechie / teacher / parent with the goals of the worksheet clearly stated. The worksheets are designed for classroom or small group use. They can also be printed off and used by parents at home as part of a home program.

The CD also contains spelling lists of some of the most commonly used and seen words in English. There are several colourful visuals that can be used by teachers / speechies to reinforce their lessons with "Teacher’s Notes" pages to explain how the visuals can be used.

The CD contains a total of 38 pages in PDF format.

Please click here or on the image below to see some sample pages in PDF format.  Acrobat Reader or a similar program is required to open the sample file.

  Strong Foundations

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