Welcome!Welcome!  My name is Michelle Buckman and I’m a Speech and Language Pathologist working in schools across Sydney.

The resources here are activities and programs that have been developed over many years of working with both primary and secondary students in schools.

As a Speech Pathologist, I address specific areas of weakness to improve students’ overall literacy and language. These resources are unique in that they explicitly target areas in reading comprehension, phonological awareness and grammar in ways that will assist students who are learning English, as well as those with language difficulties.

I hope that you, as a parent, teacher, tutor or speechie, find these resources both engaging and effective.

A Quick Guide to Available Resources

  Early Vocabulary Development
 (Ages 4-8)

Words, Wonderful Words Words Wonderful Words
(A CD of Worksheets) 

  Resources for Early Literacy
 (Ages 4-8)

Strong Foundations 

Strong Foundations
in Reading and Spelling
(2 CDs of Worksheets)

  Developing Inferential Comprehension
 (Ages 6-15)

Figuratively speaking Figuratively Speaking &
Not So Obvious &
Still Not So Obvious &
I Spy, You Spy

  Language Programs
 (Upper Primary and Secondary)

Daring Detectives

The Daring Detectives Program (2 books):
The Case of the Evil Egyptologists &
The Case of the Coconut Crab

   Targeted Grammar Resources
  (Ages 6 – 12)

Grammar Grubs The Grammar Grubs Series (3 books):
Adjectives and Adverbs

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