Daring Detectives  


Daring Detectives is a series of language programs that are fun for all involved.

  • They encourage group work rather than competition,

  • They develop a variety of language skills in a way that is highly motivating, and

  • They help to develop the students’ reasoning abilities.

The students are detectives assigned to solve a case. As each session unfolds, the students will gather more clues about the suspects and their movements, and will be required to complete a number of tasks in order to solve the mystery.


  • To develop listening and reading comprehension
    • Helping the students actively monitor their own comprehension
    • Helping the students identify main points from a text
    • Developing their understanding of figurative language
  • To develop syntax and morphology in these areas:
    • Verb tense consistency
    • Irregular past tense
    • Pronoun forms
  • To develop the students’ editing skills
  • To develop reasoning and logical thinking skills 
  • To develop the students’ research skills and general knowledge
  • To create opportunities to increase students’ sentence complexity through writing texts

This resource can be used by teachers and Speech Pathologists alike.

Pages are photocopied for each student. It is best done in a group but doesn’t need to be. It can even be used in a class. The program in its entirety usually takes about 10 sessions of 45 minutes, but this depends on the ability of the students.

Engaged and motivated ...

The current programs in this series...

 The Case of the Evil Egyptologists

The Case of the Coconut Crab


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